Curing Nightmares the Natural Way

Curing Nightmares the Natural Way

Curing Nightmares the Natural Way

It is a well known fact that nightmares can cause major disruption in a persons’ life. One of the major factors recognized for causing nightmares is bad eating habits and other factors such as stress and depression. It is for this reason that you should consider changing your habits so as to be able to sleep more peacefully. Even though there is no medical proof that nightmares can be cured naturally, changing your eating habit may affect your overall behavioral change.

Steps to follow

1.     Start by trying out different types of diets. Each time you start a new diet, analyze how your sleep pattern changes. If eat something new and you experience nightmares, then should tell you to stop eating that. By concentrating on the foods that you eat, you might end up reducing the nightmare occurrence. The whole point is to be very critical on how each and every you take affects you; it might be a simple reaction or a psychological one leading to nightmares.

2.     Ensure that you change the way you normally operate. This means that if you usually go to bed early, then try and sleep late. By doing so you will disrupt the dreams that you usually have. In addition to that, you should try and reduce the food intake. This is because, when you eat a lot, your brain works harder to digest the food thus a lot of energy is used on that, causing you to dream a lot. If it happens to be nightmares then that would mean a lot of trouble for you. You should avoid taking caffeine before you sleep. This is because caffeine makes one anxious and because you use a lot of energy. Your body shuts down eventually thus inviting nightmares.

3.     You should try and involve your family and friends each time you have a nightmare. By talking about your nightmare to other people, it will help you live with it and within a short period of time, you will be able to overcome the nightmares.

4.     You should also create a ritual which you could be doing every night. You could for example make it a habit to talk to yourself before you sleep. Encourage yourself that whatever you are going through is not real but only a dream. With time, you will start to believe it and will start to experience less nightmares. By talking to yourself, you are also reducing the probability of your mind thinking about the dream; as such you start to sleep better.

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