Probable Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder which is marked by one’s inability to fall asleep and if they do manage to fall asleep then they have difficulties in staying asleep. Insomniacs are affected in different manners, for example, there are those whose insomnia are as a result of psychological factors, i.e. anxiety whilst in others the disorder could be as a result of physical factors, e.g. hormonal variations in the body.

Probable Cause of Insomnia

Probable Cause of Insomnia

A big proportion of persons suffering from insomnia tend to have difficulties in falling asleep. However, there are those who wake from their sleep much earlier and may have issues going back to sleep and others who may have problems staying asleep the entire night. There is another form of insomnia which so many people are not aware of – hyper-insomnia. This is a condition where one sleeps for longer hours than usual. However, in this article, our main focus will be on insomnia.

There are several factors which can cause one to have insomnia. These are:

Lifestyle changes

Changes in one’s lifestyle can affect an individual’s class of sleep. Given the pressures from the society as a whole to outperform, there are hundreds of thousands of people who suffering from stress as a result. In addition, taking beverages such as, coffee which is high on caffeine can cause you to stay awake for longer hours at night. Drinking high amounts of alcohol can also affects ones asleep. Sleeping during the day can also affect your ability to sleep at night.

Medical causes

There are several factors which can cause one to suffer from insomnia. RSL- Restless leg Syndrome results in the sufferer to frequently change and moves so as to minimize the discomforts, which in turn affects the quality of a person’s sleep. Apnea, which is increasingly becoming a menace, can also result in insomnia. In simple terms, sleep apnea is when a person stops breathing momentarily which causes them to wake up several times in the night that in turn affects the quality of sleep. Other medical factors which can cause one to lack adequate sleep are heartburn, migraine and arthritis amongst others.


There are environmental factors which are known to cause insomnia, for example, a lot of noise and too much light. Alterations of the surrounding as well as sleeping in unacquainted locations can cause one to have sleepless nights. Temperature variations in one’s bedroom can also interfere with his/ her ability to fall asleep, for instance, when the room is unusually hot or cold.

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