Sedatives in Relation to Sleep Apnea

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that obese people are mostly affected by sleep apnea because the soft tissue in the throat appearing in excess can narrow the airway. This condition is a disruptive disorder. Also the disorder can easily occur to people who have certain shapes of skulls and necks; these will narrow the airway and cause the disorder.

Sedatives and Sleep Apnea

Sedatives and Sleep Apnea

The sleep apnea caused by sedatives is the one which is most widespread. The worst case of OSA can cause death when the airway becomes totally constricted. This puts sleep apnea in the list of possible life-threatening conditions. It therefore necessitates that in case you demonstrate any symptoms of sleep apnea and you are on sedatives, you can either consult your doctor or do some research to ensure that the sedatives are not giving you sleep apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The weakening of the muscular tone in the airway is the main reason why sleep apnea occurs when sedatives are given to patients, especially through IV. The weakening of the airway decreases its width thus arousal occurs. The body is configured to wake itself up in case the airways are constricted. An individual wakes up if the sedatives make him feel like the air he is getting is not enough.

People with OSA

It is found mostly in obese individuals. People who have overgrown tonsils are also likely to have apnea issues due to the fact that enlarged tonsils can cause airways to block. This worsens when an individual is sedated.

Medications to be avoided

Medications which can affect individuals include benzodiazepines and propofol sedatives. This has been reported by some patients who use them. The reason for this is that these medications usually cause the muscular tone in the airways to relax.

Curing the Disorder

When sedatives are given, adding a stint can often be used to keep the airway from shrinking and this way a patient will not be awakened.  Those with sleep apnea which is not caused by airway constriction do not normally experience any worsening of the condition as a result of sedatives. The sedatives affect those with OSA.

Preventing Sleep Apnea

It is recommended that you keep off elective surgeries if in the past sedatives have been known to cause sleep apnea to you. Strictly go for surgeries which are mandatory and in case there are other options, always use the other options.


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